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Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kozume (Japanese: 孤こ爪づめ研けん磨ま Kozume Kenma) was a second-year undergraduate at Nekoma High School. He was the volleyball team’s setter, and his teammates referred to him as the “heart” and “brain” of the group. He is a graduate student as of 2018 and seems to have amassed some money through a diverse career as a stock trader, competitive player, YouTuber, and CEO of his own firm, Bouncing Ball Corp.


Kenma Kozume

Kenma is portrayed as being of medium height, with a slim build and shaky stance. His cat-like golden eyes and blond hair with black roots are among his many distinguishing features (sometimes referred to as “Pudding-Head”). His Nekoma uniform is the traditional black and red jersey, and he wears casually. He is sometimes seen with a cellphone and a handheld game console.

He dyed his hair in his freshman year of high school because he didn’t want to “stand out.” Yamamoto said in a Haikyuu! extra that he looked like Sadako when gaming because his black hair covered his face, much to Kenma’s chagrin.

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Kenma Kozume

Kenma has a calm and analytical demeanor. He rarely loses his temper and rarely gets nervous or enthused about anything (except Hinata, video games, Lev – as Kuroo points out in The Arrival of Haiba Lev (OVA), and Yamamoto in the past). He is quiet and polite, and he rarely expresses his views because he is fearful of what people will think of him, and he despises being heard in any way.

Kenma is a difficult person to meet and make contact with. He has a shy and reserved demeanor when chatting. And he keeps his emotions to himself. For the most part, he still maintains a straight face. He also despises pointless power and, unlike most, does not simply want his subordinates to obey him.

Kenma seldom displays empathy, and as a result, he sometimes gives the appearance that he is cold to others. Nevertheless, it is clear that he cares for his friends and sees little inconsistencies in their behaviour. When they were younger, Kuroo lost a volleyball match and was depressed; Kenma realized this and, while not liking volleyball, asked if Kuroo would like to train and “level up,” to which he enthusiastically accepted. Another example can be seen later in the manga, as he admits to working hard to win with his parents.

Kenma hasn’t befriended anybody since he was in grade school, with the exception of his next-door neighbour, Tetsur Kuroo. Kenma is very talented in volleyball, despite his humble demeanor, thanks to his exceptional game sense, strategy, and solid analytical skills, which compensate for his lack of strength, pace, and endurance.

Kenma, despite his apathy, is the kind of guy who only does things he likes, and would thus leave volleyball if he didn’t like it in any way, which he said was an important part of developing his skills (kind of like a video game). Despite having a hard time admitting his emotions, his buddies are the only reason he continues to play volleyball. Kenma has also proven to be a fierce competitor.

Kenma can be described as having a strong head on his shoulders after the time jump. He doesn’t waste his money lavishly, even after becoming a good stock trader, pro-gamer, Youtuber, and the CEO of his own firm.

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