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Yu Nishinoya

Yu Nishinoya Info

Also known as: Guardian Deity Noya

Birthday: October 10

Age: 17

Height: 160.5 cm (5′ 3.2″)

Goals: Be in a match worth a thousand; Make plays that won’t shame the name of the Guardian Deity; Always keep voice raised

Likes: Volleyball

Four word idioms Garigari-kun Popsicles (soda flavored); Karasuno’s uniforms; Kiyoko Shimizu

Number: 4Position: Libero


Despite his diminutive size and status as one of the series’ shorter characters, Nishinoya is muscular and well-built. He has the look of a little muscle guy, as seen in official beach art. It’s possible that this is due to the amount of rough he gets on a regular basis. Nishinoya is currently 4’10” to 4’11”, making him the same height as Yachi. His wild hairstyle added at least 4 inches to his height, so he is actually 4’10” to 4’11”. When Nishinoya’s hair is down, he looks like a boy, according to Hinata and Tanaka. There is a part of his crazy hairstyle that is dyed blonde. There’s no explanation for why he dyed it, but as seen in flashbacks, he didn’t have it dyed until the spring inter high match versus Date Tech when he was a freshman. He enjoys wearing brightly colored shirts with various sayings because of his outgoing personality. Aside from that, he wears his reverse colored Libero shirt and the traditional Karasuno school jacket.


Yu Nishinoya

Nishinoya, like Tanaka and Hinata, is a human with a lot of energy. His outgoing attitude about anything about him will get him into trouble at times. Nishinoya ends up yelling out whatever is on his mind because he doesn’t have a buffer for what he does. This is particularly noticeable whenever there is a casual gathering, especially when Kiyoko is present. His entire life seems to be committed to attracting her affection, but he is still unsuccessful. This is seen on episode 8 of the first season, where he attempts to get her attention but gets slapped as a result. Nishinoya gets himself into even more trouble as a result of his wild stunts. Most, if not all, of his shenanigans are orchestrated with the assistance of Tanaka, with whom he seems to be “bro-friends.” This, of course, leads to even MORE difficulty, as Daichi must still keep their outlandish behavior in place. Nishinoya’s peculiar disposition causes him to call some of the moves he does, such as “Rolling Thunder,” much to the chagrin of his teammates. He does have a flip side to his exuberant personality in that he is very sensitive to the thoughts and sentiments of his teammates. Nishinoya will get violently desperate if he can’t figure anything out for others to get them to wake up from their delusions. This brings out the worst of him and what he does is vent his frustrations through aggression and emotional outbursts. Nishinoya has an “extreme” mode that he turns to during matches when he isn’t being too boisterous or annoyed. As a result, he transforms into an entirely different human than before.

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Yu Nishinoya

His friendship with Asahi is like two polar opposites colliding because of his very noisy and hyper attitude. Since Asahi has a “glass heart,” he is usually quiet and nervous, so having a noisy person hang out with them all the time doesn’t seem right. It is not revealed how Asahi and Nishinoya met and became friends. When Asahi began to lose faith in himself after his spikes failed to smash through Date Tech’s bars, Nishinoya became very angry. As a result of an altercation in the storage center, Asahi was forced to briefly leave the volleyball team. They go their separate ways for a few months before Asahi is persuaded to return with the aid of Sugawara. Asahi was also unsure of himself as the Ace, so Nishinoya had to assist him in regaining his trust. Nishinoya appeared like he was going to cry when Asahi said he really wasn’t ready to be Karasuno’s Ace despite Nishinoya’s pleadings. This could’ve ended poorly as the last argument, but instead of venting his anger, he stormed off. They seem to be reliant on one another, as Asahi often seeks Nishinoya’s advice when he isn’t feeling secure. Nishinoya normally follows up by chopping him in the hand and ordering him to cheer up. His relationship with Asahi is nothing like the one he has with Tanaka, as shown by their antics. Their bond is straightforward, with the two serving as the show’s biggest comic relief.

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