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Nekoma High

Metropolitan Nekoma High (Japanese: 都立とりつ音駒ねこま高校こうこう Toritsu Nekoma Kōkō), or Nekoma High for short, is a high school in Nerima Ward of Tokyo in Japan.


Nekoma High

Nekoma, like most Japanese schools, has a dress code that requires students to wear a uniform. A white shirt, red tie, black sweater vest, dark blue blazer, and grey trousers make up the male uniform. Meanwhile, the female uniform tends to have a light (likely white) top and matching collar, as well as a darker skirt and a bow at the waist.

A red tracksuit with white detailing is worn by the boys’ volleyball team. During practice matches, the participants wear black t-shirts and red shorts, with a blue sports bib on top. The majority of players wear a red uniform with black specifics during official matches. The libero wears a white jersey with red and black detailing that contrasts with the rest of the team.

If their opponents’ uniforms are identical in color to theirs, the team will wear white jerseys with red and black details, and the libero will wear a red jersey with black details.

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Nekoma High

The Boys’ Volleyball Club team is called “The Cats” because of the players’ versatility and solid receives and digs, which is also an allusion to the school name.

Because of the long-standing rivalry between their respective coaches, Nekomata and Ukai, Nekoma and Karasuno are said to be “destined rivals.” The matches between the two teams are also dubbed “Battle at the Garbage Dump” or “Trashcan Showdown” in the anime english dubbing because the two teams’ animal members (cats for Nekoma and crows for Karasuno) are creatures that are commonly seen at the dumpster. Karasuno has never won a practice match against Nekoma so far. However, the teams have not played each other in a long time until recently, when Nekomata returned from retirement (it should be remembered that when Kuroo and the other current third years were second years, Nekomata was not present).

To prepare for matches “Nekoma players will always sing, “We’re like the blood in our veins,” to set the tone. We must continue to move on without slowing. Maintain a healthy level of oxygen in the body while still keeping your mind active “.. This chant has been renamed by the English dubbing to: “Plasma is who we are. Let’s keep our movements as smooth as possible. Keep the blood circulating to the brain so it can function at its best.”

Nekoma lost in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Prefecture Interhigh Preliminaries, but the third years opted to stick with the squad for a chance to play in the Spring Tournament.

Nekoma qualified as the Spring High’s host delegate. Normally, Tokyo receives just two delegate slots, but owing to the tournament’s hosting area, it received three this year. They beat Nohebi in the third place match after losing to Fukurodani in the semifinals. They, along with Itachiyama and Fukurodani, are eligible.

Nekoma is also a part of the Fukurdani Academy Community, which is made up of Kanto Region teams. Summer training camps and mock matches between the schools have been held for years.


Classes include:

There are five classes in each school, with classes 4 and 5 being college preparatory. Periods last 50 minutes, with a 10-minute interval between them (Not Confirmed)

Subjects include:

English, contemporary Japanese literature, algebra, and physical education are among the subjects learned. Students typically resume their studies or go to work after graduation. (This is unconfirmed)


Exams need a minimum of 40 points to graduate. Students who miss their final exams are required to attend weekend supplemental classes and take a supplementary exam on each subject they failed; these can be conducted over the summer break. Supplementary tests have an 80-point passing score, and students must take them before they graduate. (This is unconfirmed)

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