Who is the real little giant in Haikyuu?

Haikyu !! In Japanese it means volleyball. In Vietnam, the series was copyrighted by Kim Dong Publishing House and released under the name Haikyu !! – Tiny giant. So we have the question: “Who is the true giant?”

There are many theories being put forward: some think he is Takeda-sensei, Karasuno Vol Volleyball’s adviser, while some deny that.

Hinata Shōyō, a middle school student who cherished her dream of becoming a volleyball player after casually watching it on TV Karasuno High School Volleyball Club won the qualifiers for the National Youth Volleyball Tournament. family. One thing in common is his small stature, he especially admires the short but extremely talented beater, and is also the “ace” of the Karasuno team, who the commentators dubbed the “Little Giant. “. Though completely inexperienced, Hinata has an impressive athletic spirit and a formidable dance power; He joins the school’s volleyball club – but ironically is the only member. Hinata spent the next two years persuading the other students to join the club in order to get enough members to participate in tournaments.

In her third and final year in middle school, Hinata’s club finally had six people to form a team. In the first official match of his life, Hinata’s team suffered a heavy defeat (2: 0 / 25-5, 25-8) in just 31 minutes when facing the brightest candidate for the title. Enemies: Kageyama Tobio’s team – a volleyball prodigy who plays the second pass with the nickname “King of the Field”. There was a flash of rivalry between the two boys and before parting ways, Hinata vowed to defeat Kageyama when the two went to high school.

Hinata attended and entered Karasuno High School, the school that the Little Giant used to play, but surprisingly, Kageyama also chose to study here. [3] Karasuno is revealed to have gradually lost the reputation of a hero after the Little Giant, now bearing the nicknames “The Noble King” and “The Black Raven”. [4] However, after combining Kageyama’s gifted passing skills and Hinata’s extraordinary stamina, the duo created a volleyball strategy that left everyone in awe. During the process of getting to know and connecting with his first professional team, Hinata learned more about his shortcomings that he could help overcome and, in return, Kageyama could help Hinata maximize his abilities. and thus begin the journey to restore the fame of the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club with the goal: to win the National Youth Volleyball Tournament.

Hope the Little Giant is properly introduced as there are so many mysteries surrounding him. It was quite unbelievable that Hinata talked to Saeko and Ukai Sr. about him and we still don’t know his name or whatever happened to him.

There was that flashback when he hit his head on the locker and had that intense gaze. There have to be some behind-the-scenes stories there, or maybe his personality is not very friendly. We’ll find out more about his time in Karasuno and what he’s doing right now.

Half expected if Hinata met him, he would probably be disillusioned as he actually put him on a pedestal. Seeing a short guy become a trump card is probably really special for him and that has been his biggest driving force in all this time. The little giant may not be so passionate about volleyball, maybe he gave it up, or failed. It would be great if the Little Giant eventually becomes a mentor character since Hinata doesn’t really have a suitable mentor so far. I mean there aren’t many short-term players outside of the libero position, so it’s not uncommon for Hinata to stick to the idea of ​​the Little Giant as much as he does.

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